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Chiropractor Doral FL Alex Osorio Meet Team Staff
Chiropractor Doral FL Alex Osorio Meet The Team


Alex Osorio D.C.

Dr. Alex Osorio is a Doctor of Chiropractic, who incorporates a lifestyle management approach focusing on wellness and prevention for optimum patient care.

Dr. Alex Osorio is a trusted advocate who can identify the real causes of your symptoms so they can be treated to prevent illness.


Alex Osorio was born in Chicago and lived there until he moved to Puerto Rico at the age of six. Osorio had a passion for sports since a young age. He played baseball since the age of three and later on got the opportunity to play NCAA baseball for West Texas A&M University, where he also pursued an undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology. After multiple surgeries, Osorio decided that his professional career needed a shift. He always knew that he wanted to pursue something in a health-related field, but was unsure what that would entail specifically. After being treated for a hip injury while still playing baseball, Osorio went to a chiropractor and after receiving care, he not only recovered from his injury, but also experienced a very welcome side effect. He noticed his sleep patterns and immune system started changing. Osorio had suffered for 20 years from sleep problems and insomnia. His chiropractor at the time explained the amazing power that each and every single one of us has to heal itself and how the nervous system controls all the functions in the body. He had his aha moment and automatically knew that chiropractic was his calling-- it was a sign from God. Without any hesitation Osorio finished his pre-med education at the University of Sagrado Corazon in Puerto Rico and enrolled in the largest chiropractic school in the world, Life University, where he graduated from four years later.

In November 2016 Dr. Alex Osorio decided to move to South Florida to pursue his professional experience where he had the chance to work for one of the fastest growing practices in South Florida. In March 2020, he opened the doors of Optimum Spine Chiropractic Center. Among his clientele Dr. Osorio works with many celebrities, artists and professionals in the entertainment business.


Just like your car, your body needs regular maintenance to prevent illness and help it reach peak performance. By regularly checking your spine, you remove interferences to the nervous system so it can work to its fullest potential and you can feel better all around. Beyond pain relief, routine chiropractic care can ensure your entire system works efficiently for your well-being. You can’t just put gas in your car and expect it to run without routinely topping off fluids, rotating tires or servicing the motor.

Giving Back

In 2016, Dr. Alex Osorio co-founded the non-profit Chiropractic Worldwide Missions that took doctors from all around the world to provide their services to those in need at no cost. In partnership with local foundations, churches and other non-profits, Dr. Osorio and the team was able to help children and the elderly in poor rural communities in Colombia and Brazil.


Associate Doctor

Christian Garcia

Dr. Christian Garcia Torres been a board-certified chiropractor since 2019. He is originally from Puerto Rico where he earned his bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico- Bayamon Campus. Dr. Garcia has always held a passion for helping others.

Shortly after graduating, he moved to Atlanta, G.A. to study chiropractic at Life University. He obtained his doctoral degree in chiropractic in 2019. While in college, he took part in a variety of internships that helped him gain valuable first-hand experiences in treating people. Since then, Dr. Garcia has moved to Miami and for the last 2 years he has been able to treat, help and educate patients on how to achieve their best health and for their loved ones. As a chiropractor, one of his main goals is to help patients alleviate pain, but more importantly, he aims to increase patient's awareness in becoming active participants in their own well-being. Outside of work, he is a passionate chef, avid baseball and basketball fan, and fitness enthusiast.

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